Offshore Drilling Services for ENI in Italy

Crosco Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to be providing offshore drilling service for ENI S.p.A. E & P Division  in Italy. Services are being provided near the Italian city of Ravenna with Crosco Livingstone 111-Cantilever Jackup Drilling Unit – Labin. The contract is for a period of three years plus an optional extension period of two years.

Prior to commencement of the ENI project, Crosco’s drilling unit Labin underwent an extensive reconstruction and upgrade in Croatian shipyard Nauta Lamjana. Labin’s design and engineering was done by Crosco with the assistance of the University of Zagreb and certification from the American Bureau of Shipping.

The unit’s reconstruction and upgrade included: increase of maximum water depth capacity to 106 meters (347.77 ft); a new and extended cantilever (independent cantilever 55 ft); a third mud pump; a third deck crane (30mt); an enlarged and modernized accommodation area with 98 separate living units; a new blowout prevention stack installed together with a hydraulic closing system; a rack-and-pinion system for lifting and lowering downhole pumps; an emergency access ramp below the helideck; a new mud system; two new 20m3 barite silos; eight additional motors to boost the leg lifting and lowering system; new radio-communication and navigation equipment; complete online supervision of the operating system; new zero pollution environmental protection system; new multi-sensor alarm system; new FM-200 gas extinguishing fire fighting system; three additional lifeboats; substantial equipment for more efficient operations as well as a comprehensive maintenance.