Well Services

CROSCO provides a full range of well services

Well Testing Services

Comprehensive services are provided with a full array of wireline units, separators, indirect heaters, surge tanks and various auxiliary equipment. CROSCO’s equipment is sourced from well known and reputable manufacturers.
CROSCO wireline unit drum capacities are available up to 12,580 m (41,273 ft) and engine power up to 353 kW. DST services are available with conventional (mechanical) or hydraulic test tools with electronic or mechanical pressure and temperature gauges.
CROSCO’s equipment is capable of operating in extreme well conditions with pressures up to 1,100 bar (15,600 psi), temperatures up to 235°C (455°F) and with high contents of CO2 and H2S. Onshore services were introduced in 1966 and offshore services in 1978.

Detailed description of the equipment and services:

Well Logging Services

Well logging services are performed with nine fully computerized mobile and skid units, two Mast Trucks and two Grease Injection Systems. Equipment and training has been obtained from well known and reputable manufacturers. CROSCO provides any type of wireline logging and perforating services including: open hole, cased hole, production logging, explosive services, bore hole seismic services as well as analysis of logging and related data.
CROSCO also has a small unit especially equipped for slim-hole and water production boreholes. Surface electronics and logging sondes are the state of art products related especially to protection of environment.
Units are equipped to work in all climatic conditions and are rated up to 7,000 m (22,966 ft) and temperatures of over 177°C (350°F).
The reliability of all equipment is guaranteed by a fully equipped laboratory and a test well.
Complete formation evaluation along with confidence curves, data quality curves, tool operation curves and a logging event file are available to the client. If special requirements exist, suitable equipment can be obtained.
CROSCO has conducted over 27.000 logging and perforating services since Well logging services were introduced onshore in 1948 and offshore in 1972.



Cementing & Stimulation Services

Cementing & Stimulation Services, including well cementing, acidizing, fracturing and sand control services are provided, onshore and offshore, using 15 pumping units equipped with single or twin HT-400 pump configurations designed for pumping with pressures up to 784 bar (11.200 psi) and  flow rates up to 1.750 l/min (11 BPM) per pump. Fracturing blenders, fluid storage and mixing tanks, dry material storage bins, compressonrs and data acquisition system are available as auxiliary equipment.
Lab facilities are fully equipped with API certified instruments designed for testing cement slurries, acids, fracturing gelling systems and other stimulation fluids. Engineering and simulation of all cementing and stimulation jobs are led by experienced petroleum engineers.
CROSCO has conducted over 18.000 cement jobs and nearly 10.000 stimulation jobs since cementing and stimulation services were introduced, first onshore in 1952. and afterwards offshore.

Detailed description of the equipment and services:

Cementing equipment Stimulation equipment
Cementing services Stimulation services
Cementing storage base



Coil Tubing & Nitrogen Services

CROSCO`s Coil Tubing Services are provided onshore and offshore with trailer or skid mounted coil tubing units and highly trained and experienced personnel. Reeled tubing size varies from 25,4 mm (1 inch) to 38,1 mm (1 1/2 inch). Units with larger reeled tubing size can be made available. In combination with coil tubing downhole tools a wide array of wellbore applications can be performed including: well lifting/killing, drilling/milling, fishing, stimulation and cementing.

CROSCO was among the first contractors that offered coil tubing services in Europe in 1975.
Coil Tubing Units: Bowen MB30, Bowen MX12, Bowen MZ15, MH 100.

CROSCO Nitrogen service operates onshore and offshore with automated units and lightweight offshore skids. Units are mostly used for well applications to reduce the weight of fluid in the wellbore and for nitrogen purging of pipelines and tanks. But unique properties of liquid and gaseous nitrogen offer a wide range of capabilities in oil, gas and petrochemical industries.
CROSCO can offer six Air Liquide storage tanks of 7,500 liters (1,981 gallons).
Nitrogen Units: Hobbs, Skid I, Skid II, Kenworth.

Coil Tubing and Nitrogen Units


Oil Tools Services

Oil tools including: service of the BOP equipment, maintenance of downhole and surface well equipment, tubulars and handling tools, complete wellhead installation/nipple-up (including making up with hi-torque wrench, work with lubricator, testing), MPI material testing (magnetic and ultrasonic testing methods).


Tubular running service

Crosco tubular running services provide handling tools and services to support drilling and completion operations at all stages of well construction. Offering an integrated package of total tubular services management, we provide tubular handling, preparation, inspection and wellsite installation services. With conventional equipment used for the installation of tubing, casing and drill pipes, we offer a suite of products and services for improving rig floor operations by reducing personnel exposure, increasing operational efficiency and improving safety. We offer computerized torque monitoring and testing services to ensure the integrity of tubular connection makeup.

  • Hydraulic Power Tongs are available for running wide range of tubing (2 3/8 – 5 ½) and casing (5 ½ – 20) strings.
  • Diesel-power units are available to provide a reliable power source for a wide range of hydraulic requirements.
  • Computerized torque monitoring units

Tubular running service


Fishing Service

CROSCO’s highly skilled fishing teams apply practical field experience with industry leading cutting and milling technology and with a comprehensive range of fishing tools.
Fishing services are provided in both open and cased hole applications and include: removing wellbore obstructions, casing and tubing cutting services, side tracking, milling operations, plugging of permanent packers and mechanical plugs. Services are supported by a well-equipped and supplied facility that provides quick access to spare parts and redress of fishing and tubular tools.

Fishing services


Directional Drilling Service

Directional drilling services are provided for the most demanding well trajectories ranging from basic deviation to horizontal wells with a full suite of directional drilling tools and software. CROSCO supplies both conventional and directional drilling assemblies. CROSCO uses adjustable downhole mud motors and Measurement While Drilling (MWD) equipment including directional, gamma and resistivity modules. Mud motors are also used for special vertical drilling applications in order to provide high rates of penetration and significantly reduce rig time and costs.
Directional drilling services have been provided onshore since 1954 and offshore since 1972 for a total of over 1,450 directional and horizontal wells drilled.

Directional drilling service


Coring Service

CROSCO’s conventional and oriented coring services are provided with conventional and special heavy duty core barrels in order to ensure accurate representative reservoir information and to enhance geological and petrophysical models. Oriented coring is provided to add a high degree of certainty in calibrating the data obtained from coring tools. CROSCO has conducted over 4,550 corings for a total exceeding 20,500 m (67,257 ft).


H2S Service

CROSCO’s H2S service provides protection from H2S and other dangerous gases. A complete range of the most advanced detection equipment is provided ranging from fixed monitoring gas detection systems and multi-gas detectors to manual and personal gas detectors. Breathing equipment, including various breathing apparatuses as well as high pressure bottle and compressor racks, is provided for the most dangerous conditions. CROSCO’s operators are experienced, trained and certified to work in the most challenging dangerous gas environments. H2S service has been provided onshore and offshore since 1997.

H2S service


Mud Service

Mud services (Drilling Fluid Services) are provided with modern instruments according to API standards with the purpose of preparing, maintaining and regenerating working fluids required for drilling, workover and killing operations. Mud service provides solids control equipment and two fully equipped central mud laboratories which can deliver more detailed analysis specific to the customer’s demands. Complete design, maintenance and control of physical and chemical properties of well fluids are performed by CROSCO’s mud specialists. Mud services have been provided onshore since 1952 and offshore since 1972.

Mud service