Workover Services

Services are provided using CROSCO’s own fleet of 17 self-propelled and truck-mounted Skytop, Cardwell, IRI-Franks, Kraz and National workover rigs. Workover servicing capacity ranges from 1,830 to 6,500 m (6,004 to 21,325 ft). All of our workover rigs are self-propelled carrier back-in type units with self-erecting and extended API portable guyed masts. CROSCO averages services on over 320 wells per year and has provided workover and well completion services since 1932.

Rig nameShort rig descriptionWorking capacity
SKYTOP 1Skytop Brewster RR 750
Mobile Workover/Drilling Rig
136 t
NATIONAL 2National 4224
Workover/Drilling Rig
100 t
NATIONAL 3National 4224100 t
NATIONAL 4 National 4224100 t
NATIONAL 5National 4224100 t
CARDWELL 8KB 150100 t
CARDWELL 1KM 21090 t
CARDWELL 7KB 15065 t
IRI 1IRI Franks 20065 t
IRI 2IRI Franks 20065 t
IRI 3IRI Franks 20065 t
CARDWELL 5AB 15065 t
CARDWELL 3AB 15060 t
RP-501BIS50 t
KRAZ 4A 50-U50 t
KRAZ 5A 50-U50 t
CARDWELL 4 ab 15040 t