CROSCO provides drilling services for INA, Egypt

emsco602CROSCO Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the provision of drilling services for INA INDUSTRIJA NAFTE d.d. ZAGREB (Egypt Branch) in Egypt.  Drilling services are being provided with CROSCO 2000 HP drilling rig Emsco 602 (Emsco C-2II) on exploration well “El Neamma”, East Yidma concession.

Petar Vuckovic, General Manager of CROSCO’s Egyptian branch, stated, “CROSCO is pleased to again be providing drilling services for INA in Egypt with CROSCO drilling rig Emsco 602.  Meanwhile, CROSCO has available in Egypt a second CROSCO 2000 drilling rig, Emsco 605.”