CROSCO upgrade and refurishment of Crosco bareboated Ocean King commences

ockingCROSCO Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the commencement of upgrade and refurbishment work on Crosco bareboat chartered jackup rig Ocean King and the arrival of the jackup rig to the Croatian shipyard Nauta Lamjama.

The Ocean King arrived in Nauta Lamjana on Thursday the 2nd of August, 2007.   Following positioning in the shipyard docks, CROSCO commenced the upgrade and refurbishment of Ocean King.   All work on the Ocean King is being managed and conducted by CROSCO’s Maintenance and Engineering Division.  CROSCO will bring the Ocean King up to Croatian environmental and safety standards and regulations as well as prepare the jackup rig for an upcoming drilling services contract for CROSCO’s client, INAgip.  Certification of the Ocean King to Croatian standards will also be done prior to CROSCO’s commencement of drilling services for INAgip.