CROSCO Emsco 603 drilling in Libya for ENI and Wintershall

emsco603CROSCO Integrated Drilling & Well Services Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the ongoing and successful provision of drilling services in Libya with CROSCO 2000 HP drilling rig Emsco 603.    Drilling services are being provided under a two year contract with ENI North Africa B.V. (ENI).    The first well drilled under the contract was ENI wildcat well A1-186/2 in Area 186, Block 2, Kufra Basin.   The second  well has been assigned to Wintershall Libyen Oil and Gas GMBH (Wintershall).    The Wintershall well A1-201/4 is being drilled in Area 201, Block 4, Kufra Basin.

Vlado Lescan, CROSCO’s General Manager Libya stated, “CROSCO is pleased to once again provide drilling services for ENI in Libya as well as to have an opportunity to drill for Wintershall.  CROSCO has been active in the Libyan market for two decades and is  currently also providing maintenance and spare part management services on an offshore Libyan production platform.   In Libya, CROSCO currently has two additional land drilling rigs, a 2000 HP drilling rig and a 3000 HP drilling rig.”