3rd International Oil and Gas Conference, Croatia

zadar2005Crosco sponsored the 3rd International Oil and Gas Conference in Zadar, Croatia held from the 4th to the 7th of October, 2005. The conference addressed the importance of new technology for hydrocarbon production in the 21st century.   The conference brought together more than 350 participates from Croatia and ten other countries.

Crosco’s CEO, Bojan Milkovic, presented to the conference new drilling and oil field service technologies and explained Crosco’s investment and R&D strategy.    Bojan Milkovic further elaborated upon the significance of human potential in the development of modern technology and hydrocarbon production.   Meanwhile, Crosco’s Msc. Grad., Boris Huljev, sub-authored a paper describing one of the foremost advances in the drilling process, “Casing Drilling”.