Workover Services

Services are provided using CROSCO’s own fleet of 7 self-propelled and truck-mounted Cardwell, IRI-Franks and National workover rigs. Workover servicing capacity ranges from 40-100 tonnes, which can be used for work in wells to 4000 m.

All of CROSCO’s workover rigs are self-propelled carrier back-in type units with self-erecting and telescopic API portable guyed masts. CROSCO’s services on average over 200 wells per year.

Technical description of workover rigs:

Rig name ​Technical description Capacity
​​RP-501 ​​BIS ​​50 t
​​Cardwell 3 ​AB 150 ​​60 t
​Cardwell 5 ​AB 150 ​​​65 t
​IRI 1 ​​IRI Franks 200 ​​65 t
​​​IRI 3 ​​IRI Franks 200 ​​​​​65 t
​National 3 ​National 4224 ​​​​100 t
​​Cardwell 8 ​KB 150 ​​​100 t