Workover Services

Services are provided using CROSCO’s own fleet of 17 self-propelled and truck-mounted Skytop, Cardwell, IRI-Franks, Kraz and National workover rigs. Workover servicing capacity ranges from 1,830 to 4,000 m (6,004 to 21,325 ft). All of our workover rigs are self-propelled carrier back-in type units with self-erecting and extended API portable guyed masts. CROSCO averages services on over 250 wells per year.

Rig nameShort rig descriptionWorking capacity
NATIONAL 3National 4224100 t
CARDWELL 8KB 150100 t
IRI 1IRI Franks 20065 t
IRI 2IRI Franks 20065 t
IRI 3IRI Franks 20065 t
CARDWELL 5AB 15065 t
CARDWELL 3AB 15060 t
RP-501BIS50 t
KRAZ 4A 50-U50 t
KRAZ 5A 50-U50 t
CARDWELL 4 ab 15040 t