Drilling Services

Drilling operations are performed using the company’s own fleet of drilling rigs, as well as a jack-up rig in its offshore segment.

Maximum drilling capacity is up to 6,000 m, depending on the rig. CROSCO holds the record for the deepest offshore well drilled in Europe, with depth of 7,305 m (23,967 ft), in offshore Italy.

CROSCO held the record for the deepest European onshore well during the 1980’s.

CROSCO has drilled over 4000 wells, or a total of over 6,300,000 m (20,669,250 ft) since the commencement of onshore operations in 1932 and offshore operations in 1972.

Rig name Short rig description Drawworks Rating
LABIN Jack-up Drilling Unit National 1320 UE 2000 HP
EMSCO 605 Drilling Rig Emsco C-2 II 2000 HP
R-67 Drilling Rig JC 70 DB 2000 HP
IDECO 301 Drilling Rig Emsco 2750  900 HP
NATIONAL 402 Drilling Rig National 80-UE 1000 HP