Drilling Services

Operations are performed using the company’s own fleet of 8 drilling rigs, as well as one jack-up. Max. drilling capacity up to 8,000 m (7,546 to 26,247 ft).

CROSCO holds the record for the deepest offshore well drilled in Europe, 7,305 m (23,967 ft), in offshore Italy. We held the record for the deepest European onshore well during the 1980’s and we regularly drill onshore wells to depths exceeding 6,000 m (19,685 ft). We have drilled over 4000 wells, or a total of over 6,300,000 m (20,669,250 ft) since the commencement of our onshore operations in 1932 and offshore operations in 1972.

Rig nameShort rig descriptionDrawworksRating
LABINJack-up Drilling UnitNational 1320 UE2000 HP
EMSCO 602Drilling RigEmsco C-2 II2000 HP
EMSCO 605Drilling RigEmsco C-2 II2000 HP
R-67Drilling RigJC 70 DB2000 HP
EMSCO 401Drilling RigEmsco C-1 II1500 HP
NATIONAL 402Drilling RigNational 80-UE1000 HP
IDECO 301Mobile Drilling/Workover RigIdeco H-44-CD900 HP
SKYTOP 3Mobile Drilling/Workover RigSkytop-Brewster RR 850900 HP
LYB-37Mobile Drilling RigSchoeller-Bleckman H44-CD750 HP